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Jul. 18, 2007
Navigators win Cascade Cycling Classic
Cascade Cycling Classic Final GC Podium. From left Toyota-United's Chris Baldwin (second place), Navigators Insurance Cycling Team's Phil Zajicek (first place), and Priority Health's Benjamin Jacques-Maynes (third place)After a great weekend of Tour de France viewing, some TCB Cycling racing successes by Doran & Chris at the Mount Diablo Hill Climb, and general weekend-style loungeration/downtime, it’s fun to get back into the office and see what the TCB sponsored athletes have been up to.

Sounds like the Navigators Pro Cycling Team had a good time at the Bend Memorial Cascades Cycling Classic up in Oregon. Phil Zajicek won the whole dang thing and the team raced well. 

BMC Pro Cycling’s Scott Nydam took the King of the Mountains competition and the BMC squad finished strongly too. 

Here’s a race report from the crew at Navigators:

Cascade Cycling Classic—July 11-15, 2007
Stage 6—Deschutes Brewery-Awbrey Butte Circuit Race—81 miles

Navigators' Phil Zajicek claims the General Classification in the Cascade Cycling Classic.  Stage 6 Profile Courtesy of Official Race Website.

The Navigators Insurance Cycling Team successfully defended the general classification lead of Phil Zajicek during the 6th and final stage of the Cascade Cycling Classic. During the first lap, T-Mobile's Aaron Olson and Kodak's Ryan Trebon attacked the main field and formed a breakaway duo, which sent the chasing peloton into action with Toyota-United coming to the front to take up the chase.

Toyota-United pushed the pace high for the first two laps in order to launch Chris Baldwin up the road for the sprint time bonus, but the Navigators Insurance squad had other plans with Phil Zajicek getting the jump on Baldwin at the sprint point line taking the bonus leaving Baldwin empty-handed.

After the sprint point, the Navigators took control of the pace-making which set a tempo that made the late attacks manageable and Phil Zajicek's victory secure. With the final lap looming, the Navigators relinquished control of the pack leaving it to Healthnet, Priority Health, and Successful in order to bring home the win for their respective squads.

In the dash for the line, Healthnet's Kirk O'Bee would claim the stage victory followed by Successful's Ricardo Escuela and Priority Health's Benjamin Jacques-Maynes.

Cascade Cycling Classic Final GC Podium. From left Toyota-United's Chris Baldwin (second place), Navigators Insurance Cycling Team's Phil Zajicek (first place), and Priority Health's Benjamin Jacques-Maynes (third place)

    General Classification Final:
  1. Phil Zajicek Navigators Insurance Cycling Team 15:33:08

  2. Chris Baldwin Toyota-United Pro Cycling 15:33:36

  3. Benjamin Jacques-Maynes Priority Health Bissell 15:33:59

  4. Jeff Louder Health Net presented by Maxxis 15:34:34

  5. Chris Wherry Toyota-United Pro Cycling 15:34:50
  6. Scott Moninger BMC Pro Cycling Team 15:35:18
  7. Jonathan Garcia BMC Pro Cycling Team 15:35:58

  8. Ryder Hesjedal Health Net presented by Maxxis 15:36:03
  9. David Vitoria BMC Pro Cycling Team 15:36:03 0:02:55

  10. Burke Swindlehurst Toyota-United Pro Cycling 15:36:15

  11. Ricardo Escuela Successful P/B Parkpre 15:36:45
  12. Ian McKissick BMC Pro Cycling Team 15:36:49

  13. Justin England Toyota-United Pro Cycling 15:37:17

  14. Michael Grabinger Successful P/B Parkpre 15:37:37

  15. Corey Collier Team Einstein's Cycling 15:38:15
  16. Darren Lill Navigators Insurance Cycling Team 15:38:36

  17. Ben Day Navigators Insurance Cycling Team 15:39:14

  18. Scott Nydam BMC Pro Cycling Team 15:39:56

  19. Glen Chadwick Navigators Insurance Cycling Team 15:40:21

  20. Roman Kilun Health Net presented by Maxxis 15:41:30

    King of the Mountains Competition Overall:
  1. Scott Nydam 32

  2. Ryder Hesjedal  17

  3. Jeff Louder  15

  4. Ricardo Escuela 15

  5. Benjamin Jacques-Maynes  12

  6. Chris Baldwin 11
  7. Jonathan Garcia  11

  8. Glen Chadwick  7

  9. Roman Kilun 7
  10. Phil Zajicek  6

  11. Darren Lill  6

  12. Ben Day 5

    Team Classification Final:
  1. Toyota-United Pro Cycling 46:43:58 0:00:00
  2. BMC Pro Cycling Team 46:46:20 0:02:22

  3. Navigators Insurance Cycling Team 46:46:31 0:02:33

  4. Health Net presented by Maxxis 46:49:26 0:05:28

  5. Successful P/B Parkpre 46:58:25 0:14:27

  6. Team Einstein's Cycling 47:01:18 0:17:20

  7. Priority Health Bissell 47:05:12 0

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