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May. 10, 2005
Nectar’s announcement
Yippee!  I am happy to report that a new product has been born!

       Name: Nectar: Organic Fruit & Nut Bar
       Date: May 2, 2005
       Time: 6:04am (bars in their wrappers)
       Weight: 45 grams

The "delivery" wasn't too difficult, not compared to some products. Often, the first day of production of a new product can be grueling; ingredients may not come in time, mechanical failures may persist, you just never know what to expect. The only thing that can be expected is to get up at the crack of dawn - production often starts between 4 and 5 am, way before any coffee shop ever thinks about opening.

There were several ingredients that had arrived "just in time" - like, the night before. That is a good thing, in that the ingredients are super fresh, however, it makes me a little nervous, too. If the ingredients do not arrive in time, then we wouldn't have been able to start in the morning!

I have learned so much from working on Nectar; working with organic ingredients is completely different than conventional ingredients. The supply of organic ingredients is much more limited and, if you aren't careful, you could get into trouble of running out. For example: there is a limited number of organic almonds grown each year. If you don't plan ahead for exactly how much you will need - there may be none left! You also have to be even more concered about quality. I have spent a lot of time selecting the best ingredients that I could find and making sure that there will be a consistent supply.

Anyway, after two 14-hour days working at the bakery, we have our new product. It looks beautiful and tastes great, too. I can't wait until it ships out to the rest of the world! It should be seen in stores starting on June 1st.

But for you, dear readers, I have a few extra here. Click this link and I can send you a couple. Feel free to pass this on to friend, but hurry! We only have about 500 or so to give away… 
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