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Nov. 10, 2009
New Orleans—Day 1(revisited)
More from the In Good Company crew...Day One in New Orleans, continued...

We’re back in New Orleans for a little trip called In Good Company—Partnerships for Change. Seven companies have joined together in New Orleans to work on various rebuilding projects, learn about the community efforts, hang out with our nonprofit friends and much, much more!

Everyone arrived Sunday in New Orleans, we settled in and hosted a fabulous Dia De Los Muertos party. Yummy mexican food and conversations an awesome group and then we hit the hay.

Today we made brunch together, had a group meeting where we introduced ourselves and went over house rules. We know who needs coffee and who just wakes up with energy. We spent the afternoon on a tour of different areas in the city, including urban garden projects and the Lower Ninth Ward.

Check out the doggy at the Hollygrove Market mascot; her name is Jameson and she was the cutest. Since we’re dog friendly in the office, I had to share.

We picked organic local produce for the house while she tried to playfully nip our pant legs.

How awesome is their produce?

And last but not least, our VP of sales, Rick Collins takes a break with a book and coffee before we head out.

We can’t wait to share more—talk to you soon.

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