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Nov. 16, 2009
New Orleans—Day 4
A few days late but without further ado, a recap of Day 4 of In Good Company. Eric fills us in on his adventures in the Bayou and a few (more) reasons why New Orleans is such an amazing place...

Well, if you’ve read any of the previous New Orleans blogs from earlier this week, you are well aware that there is a group of us down here in the Crescent City building a house for a family displaced by hurricane Katrina. We've been working hard. Really hard.

And one thing I have truly learned so far is…that I am soft. Pathetically soft. Years of working behind a computer have turned my muscles to mush, and the physical labor has pushed my weak body to the brink. I would feel lame for pulling a left butt cheek muscle bowling last night if not for at least one other In Good Company member being in the exact same position. And If you must know—my score was 86. Not too shabby, given the circumstances.

So, yeah, we're building a house and it's really cool. Today we started caulking and priming the outside of the structure and we could finally see real progress. I received a sunburn so severe that it could likely kill a small house pet, but it’s worth it. At the end of each long, hard day it feels really good knowing that you're helping out good people and that makes all the pain a bit more tolerable.

Then, there's the after-work schedule...

As I write, it’s almost 2 o’clock am New Orleans Standard time. This has been the norm for me each night since I’ve been here.

Before I left Berkeley, Tom over in Creative made me promise that I would go check out some live music while here and I have not let him down. Make no mistake—the music scene in New Orleans is alive and well, post Katrina.

I, along with a couple other music-loving Clif Bar folks, have managed to make it out to Frenchman street on a nightly basis to check out live music. Bourbon Street gets all the fame, but Frenchman is where the locals hang out and the working bands make a living. And the bands absolutely ROCK. I have seen five bands in four nights so far and the level of musicianship is unbelievable. You can wander into a bar, pay no cover, and see a band that will blow your socks into the next county.

My quads are sore from getting my boogie on...and I don’t even like to dance. You can’t help getting into the spirit of things when the music is this good.

Tonight we saw an awesome funk-blues band with a horn section made up of what looked like college freshman. It was like a group made up of three or four Doogie Howsers and they tore it up.

Well, I gotta go get my beauty sleep as I'm off to paint a house tomorrow morning.

This New Orleans is something else.
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