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Nov. 9, 2005
Nibbling CLIF Nectar (for free)
So, this blog thing is OK, right? We blah-blah-blah about life here and you get to read about it. Pretty standard stuff. But, wouldn't you like to taste it, too? Besides being readers, you're eaters. (I hope.);
Eating is what this office is all about. We have a pretty much endless supply (thanks to Chris T's tending) of bars and gels and things to satiate our stomachs should we get hungry. Erika and R&D share stuff they're working on in the kitchen. Just yesterday, I tasted two variations of my favorite MOJO flavor.

CLIF Nectar, the essence of simpleSo here's the deal: every now and then we're going to be giving away stuff. Today, it's CLIF Nectar, the 100% organic fruit and nut bar. Erika developed this, after making similar healthy goodies at her home for nearly 3 years. I love it because one bar contains TWO servings of fruit!

Sign up for a free CLIF Nectar bar,

while supplies last, of course.

When they're gone, they're gone.

ALL SUPPLIES HAVE RUN OUT! Watch for our next offer!

We're still an independently-owned company that depends on passionate people to spread the word about our latest and greatest. If you know anyone else who'd like to try CLIF Nectar, send them our way!
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