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Jul. 14, 2005
Nice Surprises on a Thursday Morning
Ray AndersonSometimes I get a really great reminder of just how awesome this place is. This morning, we had a guest speaker come to our company meeting -- Ray Anderson. I was introduced to him from a great documentary, The Corporation. He owns a huge carpet company and suddenly decided to change his company around to work towards environmental sustainability.

Anyway, his story is remarkable, extremely enlightening and inspiring.  It was a real treat to sit and listen to him talk.  He also mentioned several books worth noting:  Paul Hawken's The Ecology of Commerce and his own book, Mid-Course Correction.

Listening to him speak created a lot of ideas in my head about how I can help the world move towards sustainability. Using organic, natural ingredients for Clif products, and avoiding highly-processed ingredients is a truly powerful tool. It also spreads the word to our customers and gets them more familiar with organic foods.

Another highlight of today's meeting was today's "Letter of the Week". A consumer wrote to us about the Nectar bars. She was thrilled with the product and particularly the fact that there are goji berries in the Lemon Vanilla Cashew bar. I am a huge fan of gojis and have been looking for the perfect product to put them into. Finally, I found a fit - and people are loving them.

That certainly brings me job satisftaction. wink
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