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Oct. 29, 2008
NOLA, here we come…
I will be in New Orleans in 156 hours, not like I’m counting. I can nearly smell the fried food, hear the jazz bands, see the unpronounceable street signs and feel the effusive hugs. I can’t wait! So, last year I fell in love with New Orleans. It was one of “those” that started as a crush and turned into a love. Something I was ready to commit to.

I was fortunate to work alongside 10 Clif Bar employees in Musician’s Village (you can see photos from the trip here) . We partnered with Habitat for Humanity and learned how to operate the sawzall, build stairs, plume windows and work as a team. After 10 days, we left with new friends and new perspectives. It was amazing to learn about this rich culture and at the same time, learn about the tragic response. Hurricane Katrina remains in the form of spray paint on the buildings, an infrastructure in disarray and hope among the people.

There is still work to be done.

We decided that we couldn’t just find a new place to “fix,” so we decided to return to the Crescent City and pick up where we left off. Only this time, we’ve invited some friends and are calling ourselves In Good Company. There will be 28 of us in total, coming from Numi Tea, Seventh Generation, Timberland, Eileen Fisher and Annie’s. We are working on habitat restoration with Bayou Rebirth, local food projects with New Orleans Food and Farming Network, and a housing restoration project with Rebuilding Together.

My prediction: it’s going to be great!

I’m going to do my best at keeping y’all informed on what we’re up to next week, so check back in.. you here?
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