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May. 10, 2005
Noodling with Nectar
Lately, I have been working on the Lemon Vanilla Cashew Nectar bar. It's been challenging to balance the lemon and vanilla flavors so they are "just right". 

If there's too much lemon, it can taste too tart and overpower the vanilla flavor. It isn't as tart as a Lemonheads candy, or anything like that, but I really want this bar to be a yummy "creamy lemon" type of flavor, like a lemon meringue.

When too much vanilla is added, it takes over the lemon and you can hardly tell that it is there. This version tastes like a sweet fruity vanilla pudding - it's really good, but not quite the desired flavor for this bar.

Anyway, I think I am close. Everyone who has tasted the most recent sample, has really loved it.  Both the lemon and the vanilla flavors are present. Tomorrow, I will be traveling down to our bakery to try a bigger batch. Hopefully, it will taste just as good down there as it does here in the Clif kitchen.
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