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Oct. 25, 2005
Here’s some neat Team Clif Bar news to end your Tuesday with. Apparently, if your name is McCormack odds are you’re on fire this month.
Macca chatting at the CLIF BAR tentAt Ironman Hawaii on October 15th, TCB triathlete Chris McCormack had a rough start in the swim but remarkably still finished in sixth place thanks to a fantastic run – the best finish at Hawaii that Chris has seen to date, putting him on the map as a true contender for the IM Hawaii crown in the years to come.

Here’s what Scott Fairchild (Chris’ agent) had to say about the race:

“Crazy week as always in Hawaii. Worst swim in Chris’ entire career... and he still doesn't know why. He's been swimming amazing! That being said, having the fastest run on the day in that heat without a single cloud in the sky was a huge boost for him mentally. More people were talking about his run than anything else there.

And McCormack newsbyte #2 involves TCB Cyclocross rider Mark McCormack (no relation to Chris). Mark’s been racing very well and has already won a number of races; so between his finishes and TCB Cyclocross rider Jesse Anthony’s top U23 finishes the cross season has kicked off to a fine start.

Then, to add to all the cyclocross joy, today I learn that Mark is tied for 6th in the 2005-2006 UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) Cyclocross Rankings. This is definitely a first for Team Clif Bar Cyclocross! I suggest checking out the rankings yourself!

Then, to celebrate, maybe head someplace where you can partake in a number of tasty beers that have made their way to our country from their homeland of Belgium where cyclocross is the lifeblood of all things cycling in the winter months. With every delightful sip taste the glory of Mark’s 6th-place UCI ranking.

Ahhh… Deeeelicious.

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