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Jul. 6, 2007
Old and New Cubicles Square Off at Clif Bar
The new cubicleIn an effort to become more efficient and capitalize on the social nature of its employees, Clif Bar has taken delivery of ten Max Cube 2000's—recently touted 'the cubical of the future' by Exchange Your Life For Money magazine.

Able to house up to 16 employees in a 25 square foot space, the Max Cube will no doubt have a positive impact on office culture and productivity.

Senior IT Engineer, Chris, believes these tighter quarters are a good idea.

"I don't think everyone here needs a computer. Computers are a total scam…such a crutch. Contacts, spreadsheets, Power Point presentations…totally unnecessary in the business world. These new cubes will really challenge people to think about whether they need a computer to do their work."

The Max Cube only weighs 48 pounds and can house up to a men's size 13 shoe, so most employees should be in good shape. If needed, Max Cube offers an adaptor for plus-sized feet. 

Michael, our Category Insights Manager, a size 11.5, had this to say. "My old cube was a little freaky...all that space, privacy...totally weirded me out. These new closer quarters are much more my speed. I can't tell you the number of good ideas I've been able to glean subliminally from the numerous conversations happening around me. Oh and I might have 'gleaned' a couple staplers too. Thanks Max Cube!"

So, first response looks positive. We'll be sure to let ya know how things progress. At least until the 3000 comes out.
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