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Jul. 15, 2008
One, if by land; two, if by Susan
As you’ll remember from your 6th grade history class (shout out to Mrs. Charnley back in Hotlanta!), those Bostonians sure know how to spread good messages. One can’t help but recall the most famous of all Beantown messengers, Mr. Paul Revere, and his fateful midnight ride to alert the country folk of the British advancement on our hallowed shores. The Brits weren’t aware that Paul was his day’s version of “Twitter,” and he was able to get the word out in time for our faithful patriots (before Tom Brady’s time, I’m afraid) to be at the ready for a battle that began our American Revolution. Of course, you know the rest: we won our independence and then shortly thereafter a man by the name of Gary went on a bike ride in celebration of said independence and came up with the idea for the delicious and nutritious Clif Bar. My how we love our American History!

Anyway…we have our own 21st Century Paul Revere right here at Clif Bar & Company (only she has very few complaints about the Brits, save for their superfluous usage of the letter ‘u’ in words like color and harbor). Like Paul, she hails from Boston, but she prefers to be called “Susan.”

Susan is here this week with a couple of interesting news items that we wanted to share with you, our fine friends.

Firstly, we wanted to spread the word about an event we’re involved with in conjunction with some of our friends at the Life is Good clothing company. They have initiated some great family festivals all across the country this summer (check out the schedule here) to “spread good vibes and help kids who face unfair challenges.” Life is Good Festival in Boston happens this Saturday, July 19th at Boston Common that includes the “World’s Greatest Backyard Athlete” competition. Check out the video for it here. We love what they’re doing out there for the kids through the Life is Good Foundation, and we’re happy to be part of their events this summer across the country.

Be sure to be on the lookout for us at our shiny new CLIF Kid booth where you can; as always, come by for a free CLIF Kid ZBaR sample and free hilarious stories from Susan and our Boston Clif Crew.

Lastly, Susan shares a heartwarming-yet-competitive story coming out of the Philadelphia Women’s Triathlon from last weekend.

You gotta love them LUNA chix! Our staff included three regular crew members who are also triathletes. They were pumped to race but, as always, good sportswomanship, good times and good cheer are first and foremost with Team LUNA. Early into the ride, Crew Member Jen noticed a racer ahead of her who was at the side of the road with a flat, watching helplessly as rider after rider sped by her without stopping.

Jen to the rescue! Not only did she stop and sacrifice her own PR, she gave away her bike pump and ONLY extra tube. The woman found Jen after the event to return the pump; she was so grateful that she didn’t have to quit the race she’d trained so long and hard for. And she couldn’t stop gushing about Jen’s generosity and sportsmanship.

Just goes to show you—LUNA bars provide women with that essential daily nutrition, folic acid, calcium and a healthy dose of good karma for when the chips are down and you flat on the final leg of your Tri!

Great job, Jen; thanks for sharing the stories, Susan.
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