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Sep. 28, 2006
Our Governator goes green
SigningSo I have to admit that it isn’t often I’m happy with our politicians, but yesterday even the Governator made me proud.

I was lucky enough to be at Treasure Island when Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law AB 32—a bill that will reduce California's global warming emissions. There were lots of legislators, agencies, nonprofits and businesses present that worked tirelessly to make this happen—even Tony Blair was there live by satellite! —and it was really cool to see everyone come together.

The bill will establish a statewide cap on global warming pollution and dramatically curb greenhouse emissions from California. I’m really hoping that it will also show the nation that it is time to take action on the fight against global warming. We owe it to ourselves and our children to act now to help build a sustainable future—and this is a huge step by a state as big and diverse as California.

Yes, even despite the cold, foggy day, I did get warm fuzzies…

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