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May. 21, 2007
Our little peach tree
May thinningA few months back, we adopted our very own Elberta peach tree from Masumoto Family Farm—a modest 80-acre orangic plot just south of Fresno, CA.

I've been meaning to post some photos because I'm just so proud of our little tree and how much it's grown. We haven't done too much on it just yet; in fact, the farm uses all-natural practices to care for our little munchkin during the early months—pruning, irrigation, pest control.

Our hard work comes when it's time to hand harvest the goods—around late July/early August. Until then, we wait in wonder for news that the peaches are ripe for picking! 

It's still too early to tell but it's nice to see them growing—kind of like getting your baby's first photos… Before we know it, we'll have 250 pounds of peaches sitting in our office. A dream come true for a fruit-lover like myself.

If you're interested in harvesting your own peaches, you can find peach-tree adoption papers on the Masumoto Family Farm website.

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