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Jul. 23, 2008
Out with the old…
The problem with all of this sustainability business for me is that I can’t look at anything, anywhere without thinking about what kind of impact it had, has or will have on the earth. That’s one of the reasons I kept my cell phone for nearly four years!

Everywhere I went, people laughed and were shocked and they told me to get rid of it because it was big; so ugly; because it didn’t flip or have a camera…what happened to making calls and receiving them?

Yes, I know I could have recycled it, but as you can imagine, it was in pretty bad shape. As my boyfriend used to say, what do you need the numbers 1,2 and 3 for anyway? That was before I lost 4 and 7, too.

Here comes the kicker…a few weeks ago, I dropped my phone into a cup of water. Yes, I opened it up and dried it out but it just wasn’t the same.

I got a new one and I’m still adjusting; it’s not easy. Maybe I’ll keep my old phone to remind me of the good ol’ days when cell phones were big and heavy and worked for a really long time. Like a dinosaur—that’s what the AT&T lady called it.

Here she is, in all of her glory. Note my favorite chapstick and a camera case for scale.

Before you get any ideas, I know I don’t NEED a phone and I know this may sound like whining, but this is just me sharing. Actually, this is a good thing, because the more I learn about this sustainability business, the more I try to make wiser choices and understand the impacts of the things I buy and use.

I’m not perfect and for now, I’m ok with that, just as long as I keep trying to get better.
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