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Mar. 10, 2008
Painting La Ville Argyle
Back in the day, ages ago when I worked in Europe for part of the year, I tended to end up in France right around the time of the Paris-Nice bike race. Back then, the only way to see the race was to be somewhere other than the US at the right time. These days my how things have changed—we can all tune in to Versus to see the Clif-sponsored Slipstream-Chipotle squad compete in their most important European race to date.

Seemed like whichever Paris-Nice stage I made it to, it was always wet and cold. Race fans call Paris-Nice "The Race to the Sun" but for whatever reason I never got to enjoy the “sun” part of that catchy slogan when I was out there. I did get to see some great racing, though, and I was always amazed by the crowds that would show up despite the freezing and/or wet weather. I can remember waiting for a hilltop finish in a tiny little town, with snowflakes falling and a remarkably enthusiastic group of cycling fans just waiting for the race to arrive. We were all up there pretty early so we waited quite a while to see the finish. But when the race showed up, the fans went completely mad! I couldn’t believe how much energy they all had left to cheer the riders on. Banging on the race fencing and yelling like a bunch of loons—all in a winter “wonderland” that a guy from California can barely survive a day in. Paris-Nice. It’s a rad race. And it’s pretty slick to see the Argyle of Slipstream-Chipotle in the mix.

I just got an email from a fellow this morning who happily told me, “FYI…it was nice to see the Clif logo yesterday during the Paris-Nice Prologue!”

Yup, it was real nice to see the logo in a race so near and dear to my heart. And it was nice to see the Slipstream guys ripping it up on the prologue course too. Pate had a great ride and Tyler looked like he was flying until he went down in a slick corner. Fortunately, it sounds like Tyler is doing ok.

All in all it was a great start to the race, with three Slipstream riders in the top 12:

6. Danny Pate 5:35
10. Trent Lowe 5:38
12. David Millar 5:40

And Stage 1 continued to be interesting—it was more of the wet and very windy racing that I remember from my days following the race. Team Director Johnny Weltz called it, “Two and a half hours of total intensity." Trent & David were able handle the madness and ended up 6th & 7th overall going into what’s expected to be another wet day of racing on Stage 2.

As always, you can check out all sorts of race & team details on Slipstream’s site.

And I just got the scoop from the team about their Twitter Live Updates that are available to anyone who wants to keep in the thick of the latest team happenings.

Check out the frequently updated live race feeds.

Have fun following the Argyle in Paris-Nice. I’ll be back in touch with a race update when the race eventually finds the sun.
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