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May. 11, 2007
Palm Springs gets a taste of winter

Ricardo's on the far leftLast weekend, Ricardo, winter sports guru, was down in Southern California for the Golden Eagle Awards, hanging out with folks from a bunch of North American ski resorts. Read on to hear more about the awards and his weekend in balmy SoCal... 

This past weekend I cruised down to hot & sunny Palm Springs to present the ski area environmental achievement awards at the annual National Ski Area Association conference. I know it seems odd. Ski area conference in Palm Springs? But if you lived with 6 months of winter a year, wouldn't you want to celebrate the end of the ski/board season somewhere balmy?

This was our 2nd year presenting the industry with their environmental achievement awards, otherwise known as the Golden Eagles. Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort took the overall prize for their work cleaning up an old, leaching mine near their resort. We also presented seven other awards for environmental accomplishments in areas such as clean energy and habitat protection.

Aside from learning about the environmental efforts being done in the industry, my favorite part about the program is creating the actual awards. This year we gave each award winner an engraved box made from found teak wood collected from the forests of Thailand. They're made from sustainable sources and handcrafted by local artisans. Not only can they display the award on their desk but the winners can also store their favorite smaller-than-a-bread-box-something-or-other inside it.

No cheesy plastic plaques here.

Check out First Tracks!! online to learn more about this year's winners.

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