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Mar. 21, 2007
Pan American Championship--Villa Angostura, Argentina
Super Champion Todd  TCB Cross and MTB rider Todd Wells checks in from the Pan Am Championship in Argentina. The race for Olympic points is on!
The season officially started for most of the US XC riders this weekend way down south in the southern hemisphere. The travel alone to get to the race venue took 36 hours and it looks like it might take even longer to get home.

The town of Angostura is set at about 3,000 feet in the Andes mountains. The scenery here is pretty amazing and the Pan Am trips are always laid back and fun
Most of the time the courses for these races are really steep and pretty lame. This course was one of the best I've raced on with plenty of single track, slick roots and some hairy wooden bridges.

The women set the bar early, sweeping the top-4 spots in the elite race and the U-23s taking 1st and 3rd. The men's race started fast and JHK, Shemus and myself quickly got a gap. By the end of the 2nd lap I was riding alone and would stay that way until 1k to go in the race. I managed to get pretty bad chain suck and by the time I was back on my bike, Shemus and Kabush had both passed me and I had to settle for 3rd. Not bad for the 1st race of the year.

It is always fun traveling with the US team to exotic locations to race my bike. I´m flying directly from Argentina to Puerto Rico for two more UCI races as the hunt for Olympic points heats up again. From Puerto Rico, it's off to Phoenix for the first NORBA national before the Sea Otter Classic. Looks like the season is in full swing again.

Thanks for all your support.

Todd Wells

Super Champion Deluxe

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