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Jun. 22, 2009
Passport to Spain

Once upon a time (in April)…I got an email. Wait, there’s more. It was a short but oh-so-sweet two-liner from Matt Sharkey, our Sr. Sports Marketing Manager here at Clif.

Subject line: “Is your passport current?”

Copy body: “This is not a test.”


Of course I waited the obligatory 12 seconds (as not to appear too anxious) before whipping back a keyboard denting, “Boy is it!” Being that the email came out of the blue, I assumed Matt’s request had something to do with writing, video, or photography work; my three part role here in Clif Bar’s in-house creative group.

I fast learned that an opportunity of utmost import had arisen overseas (to the Clif-mobile!); Team Garmin-Slipstream were training in their hometown of Girona, Spain, were going to be available/in one place for four days or so (a rarity), and said if Clif wanted to send someone over for a behind the scenes peak into living, training, and eating in Girona (a unique place in the world for doing all three) that they’d be more than happy to accommodate. Short story shorter, within 10 days I was on a plane with local Cinematographer, Eric Noren – case upon case of equipment in tow - to spend 4 days shooting interviews with the riders and writing about all we experienced along the way.

Upshot: amazing trip, amazing food, and totally amazing people. Team Garmin-Slipstream are absolutely incredible ambassadors for the sport of cycling. And the sport of eating.

Keep your eyes peeled for day-by-day accounts of the adventures that were, as the Tour de France approaches and officially kicks off. Not that they have kick-offs in cycling, I’m just saying...
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