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Sep. 9, 2009
Peat (finally) takes gold at Canberra

During his 15 years of racing at the highest level, Santa Cruz Syndicate’s Steve Peat has won just about every significant race on the UCI downhill circuit, except a World Championship.

Well, that all changed over the weekend in Canberra, Australia, as Peaty absolutely killed the upper half of the track to finish atop the World’s podium with a time of 2:30.33.

And, since a gold medal at the World’s apparently isn’t enough for the Syndicate, Greg Minnaar figured he would ride real fast, too, and finished in second place, just 5 seconds off his teammate’s pace.

The team’s incredible World’s results were a fitting culmination to one of the most successful downhill seasons in history, and we here at the Team Clif Bar international headquarters are extremely proud to support the Syndicate in this amazing effort.

Congrats all around for a job well-done, fellas!
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