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May. 22, 2006
Pedal your heart out
RickshawWas it just me or did anyone else notice how clean and fresh the air was last week?
That's what happens when tens of thousands decide to ride their bikes instead of drive their cars. Thanks to Bike to Work Day/Week, more people are making the switch. Why not? If you work within a reasonable distance, pedaling to work is a cinch and it can be as good for your body as it is for the planet! Sometimes, it's even faster than driving.

Did you know that nearly 65% of all car trips in the U.S. are less than 8 miles? Just think what it would be like if we all got a little more accustomed to pedaling around town instead of driving. No traffic to sit in, no pricey gas costs, some fresh air and a little more adventure for your daily routine. Not to mention the health benefits and the emissions you're sparing the environment!

Last Thursday, I was able to bike and work all at the same time for the Bay Area's Bike to Work Day. As a show of support for what has become biking's unofficial national holiday, me and my fearless crew parked our own cars and spent the day on the bike routes! With trailers on our bikes and a pedal-powered rickshaw in tow, we pumped tunes and passed out CLIF BARS to anyone who needed a little energy boost during their ride. It was work, it was exercise, it was fun, it was carefree and, it was car free!

Using a bicycle for transportation really is one of the easiest, most practical ways that each of us can reduce our contribution to global warming. Plus, when you ride a bike, you get to hang with bikers—what could be better?!?
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