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Aug. 26, 2008
Pendrel and Gould have solid finish in Beijing
This report just in from Luna Pro Team Media Liason and really fast mountain biker Alison Dunlap…

Congratulations to Catharine Pendrel and Georgia Gould for an outstanding race at the Olympics! I went online last night and watched the entire race from my computer. It was amazing coverage, except I had to make up my own commentary. I was thrilled that we actually got to watch the entire race, and not a five minute highlight segment squished into the NBC swimming and gymnastics show.

I have few details on the race, but from what I saw and read, it was brutally hard.

Catharine had the ride of her life and finished 4th, only 9 seconds out of the bronze medal. Georgia got the hole shot off the start line and then rode steadily in the top ten to finish eighth, just 23 seconds behind her fellow US teammate Mary McConneloug. It was an incredibly difficult course with many of the athletes saying it was the hardest circuit they've seen all year.

Catharine rode in the top five the entire race. She was third with two laps to go. An unfortunate missed shift on the last climb of the last lap allowed Irina Kalentieva, the 2007 World Champion, to squeak past her and claim the bronze by a mere nine seconds.

"Irina and I were together for most of the last lap," said Catharine. "There was one little 'popper' climb before the final descent, and I made an error there. I tried to downshift to my granny [gear] on the steepest part, and had to put my foot down, and that's when she got by me. It hurts, but it was still a fantastic ride for me, and I feel that I didn't lose third, I won fourth."

After a strong start, Georgia rode steadily up through the field. With one lap to go, Georgia was in 12th behind China's Ying Liu, winner of the 2007 test event. A last lap surge saw Georgia come across the line in 8th.

"It wasn't what I was hoping and dreaming for," said Georgia, "but it's a solid result. I had a strategy to be conservative at the beginning, because I knew people would be blowing up at the end. If you're tired, you can't make it up those climbs." Still, a top-ten finish at the Olympic Games is outstanding!

Congrats to both Catharine and Georgia. Enjoy the Closing Ceremonies and safe travels back home.

Thanks a bunch for the report, Alison. Everyone here at the Clif Bar office is super proud of the efforts that the Luna Pro Team riders made while representing the good ol’ US of A in Beijing. Can’t wait for 2012!

*Photo credit: Rich Adams
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