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May. 10, 2005
Post-Earth Day actions
The hubbub of the actual Earth Day is over, true. The need to continue to act on behalf of the earth is not. It doesn’t get any easier than this… Thank you, Environmental Defense.

Send a message to car makers.
Cars are one of the biggest sources of global warming pollution. California's ground breaking new law cuts global warming pollution from cars. But the auto industry is suing to block the law. As a potential customer, your voice matters. On Earth Day, take a moment to tell carmakers they should build less polluting cars instead of suing:

Earth-friendly seafood -- print a wallet-sized list.
Farmed salmon or wild -- which is better for you and the planet? Carry this list of fish with you, so whether shopping for groceries or dining at a restaurant, you can always navigate your way to the best seafood choices. Print an extra for a friend:

Follow 20 simple steps to help undo global warming.
Global warming is our most serious environmental problem. Today, tweak a daily habit or two (or twenty!). Bike or carpool to work. Or even brighten your house with more energy efficiency bulbs. Read more at:
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