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Jan. 15, 2008
Pro Snowboarder Jeremy Jones at SOS Premiere
It doesn't snow in Berkeley, but you can get your fill at the CB&C office on 1/30.

We're hosting an evening event to benefit Protect Our Winters (POW) with legendary pro snowboarder and POW founder Jeremy Jones.

The evening begins at 6pm with lots of delicious Cheese Board pizza, beer and other tasty beverages, and a silent auction for some killer winter gear before we kick into the programming. Jeremy starts things off with some talk about his big mountain experience and reasoning behind founding POW, and then he’ll introduce the world premiere of the Save Our Snow (SOS) Winter Road Trip documentary. After the film, get a little Q&A with the SOS filmmakers Josh Murphy and Mike Parziale as well as Team Clif Bar Athletes Jeremy Jones and Lorenzo Worster.

Join us Wednesday, January 30th at the Clif Bar & Company HQ from 6:00 - 9:00 pm.
$20 (per person) gets you in the door for all the food, drink and festivities.
Net proceeds from the evening will go to Protect Our Winters.
RSVP to .

Attendance is limited to 250 people, and RSVPs are required!
We'll respond with a confirmation email that includes instructions for payment and directions.
We won’t be able to accommodate more than 250, so hurry up and RSVP!
No reservations will be taken by phone.


Jeremy Jones has been a pro boarder for over 15 years and is considered one of the best in the world. Snowboarder Magazine named him "Best Big Mountain Rider of the Year" for six years running. In 2007, Jeremy founded Protect Our Winters (POW), whose mission is to build a united front of winter sports enthusiasts in an effort to restore our winter climates (learn more at

Remember the SOS winter tour? Last February, a fearless duo of eco-minded snowboarders rolled out of the Clif Bar & Company parking lot in Soy George, a veggie-oil-fueled Winnebago, to inform and inspire people to Save Our Snow! The crew met up with many like-minded professional skiers and boarders along the way (World Freeskiing Champion Alison Gannett, Free-heel legend Lorenzo Worster, Pro-boarder Kimmy Fasani and others), and we caught the whole adventure on film.

Check out the trailer below, and we'll see you here on the 30th!

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