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Jul. 17, 2008
Quite a Transformation

Let’s take a moment and bear witness to the transformation running has had on Starshine, veteran Clif Bar Pace Team leader. We all hear about the benefits that running can have on our lives and overall health. But here is the shocking and dramatic imagery to prove it.

The image on the left is from when Star began running many moons ago. “My life was boring and predictable. I couldn’t get over that flat and lifeless feeling. Like reading the latest FDA recommendations on health and nutrition,” says Star.

Now let’s fast forward 7 years. “I met the man of my dreams, got bit by the running bug and joined the Clif Bar Pace Team as a Pace Leader.” Notice the sparkle in her eye, the bounce in her hair, the joie de vivre with just a touch of attitude.

Wow, Star! Way to inspire!!
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