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Jun. 15, 2005
Race Across America

Have you heard the news? Looks like Clif Bar has put a team together for the Corporate Race Across America – which is actually only Race Across Part of America, as we’ll be starting in San Diego and ending up in Flagstaff.  Looks like we’ve got a fine crew of lads willing to attempt this rather nutty feat – check out the cast of characters at  Yup, somehow my teammate Eric and I got involved in the mix.  Not sure if the others know that Eric and I can’t really climb and we’re not much good in any time trial over 10 miles or so.  I think we’ve been brought on board as the fall guys, so that if things don’t go well it will be obvious that it was Eric and I who ruined the team’s chances.  That’s cool – I’m a team player.  I can be a fall guy, sorta like Lee Majors in that bad TV Show.

So what goes through the head of some poor sap only weeks away from trying to ride 500 miles in less than 24 hours?

Have a gander:

How are we getting to SD?

We probably need aero bars on our bikes, huh?  Argg.

How will we all get back from Flagstaff?

Are we going to meet as a team beforehand to discuss some sort of strategy for winning/losing this thing?

Can Eric and I ride only the flat and downhill legs so we don't have to climb?

Can we convince Gary to ride the whole 492 miles on his own while we party down in the follow vehicle?  We enjoy the night life.

Are there sprint points to be had?

From the questions alone it’s pretty obvious that we’re in trouble.

I’ll tell you all about the whole adventure – unless someone comes to his senses and kicks me off the team.
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