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May. 12, 2006
Rapping about wrappers
Yesterday, we received a comment on "Welcome home!"—Derin and Andra's final blog from the biodiesel tour:

It's funny that you guys are doing a tour whose purpose is to promote environmental consciousness. How about making Clif bars which are wrapped in something you can recycle? How much garbage are you guys creating with 85,000 wrappers?  -James

Grady O., one of the guys that helps run the Natural Energy Tour, wrote up a response. Instead of filing it away where it can hide in the comments section, we figured we'd post it here:

You’re absolutely right about our wrappers. Right now, there’s no denying that the wrappers themselves end up in the garbage—and we’re not psyched about it. While we’ve been working hard to find ways to make our packaging sustainable, we haven't found anything out there that will keep our products fresh. We'll keep looking until we find something that works.

Having said that, the Campus Consciousness Tour and our other biodiesel-powered tours are all about educating and inspiring people to make more responsible environmental and social decisions. In an effort to lessen the ecological footprint of the tour, we spread the word about biodiesel and other global warming related initiatives that are important to us, such as, and sell Cool Tags—-a form of renewable wind energy credits.

The more bars we hand out, the more wrappers are out there for sure, but the more that people learn about organic food and choices they can make for the planet, the better—at least in our minds. It’s not perfect and we know we have a ways to go, but we’re not giving up.

Please keep the comments coming and if you've got any ideas send them our way.

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