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Jan. 24, 2006
Ready, Set, Go 2006
Well, it's been three weeks back at the office after fourteen fun-, family-, friends-, food- filled days. What is that I do here again?

One of the greatest perks Clif Bar & Co. offers is time off over the holidays. When I first interviewed for my job, Beth told me "CLIF closes between Christmas & New Year's; we get the week off as a holiday." That was practically all I needed to know to want the job. All you CEO and company owners out there should follow this great example! It truly pays off for everyone!

So here I sit at my desk in the first month of 2006 surrounded by all my refreshed, freethinking co-workers. Alas, I am warmed up and ready to roll. I'm thankful for the foresight I had in creating my to-do list before I skipped out early on the 12/21 because I've hit the keys running.

2005 was a big year for nutrition with the inevitable fall of low-carb and rise of sensible, individualized eating plans grounded in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. 2006 looks to be the year we realize no two people will have the same nutrition plan, less processed & more whole foods provide the most bang for your buck, a little sugar is a better alternative to artificial sweeteners, and phytonutrients make there way into our mouths and vocabulary. I don't know about you, but I am psyched to see where the winding nutrition road goes this year.

What kind of nutrition & wellness boosts can you expect from me and Clif Bar & Co. in the upcoming months? Well, wouldn't you like to know! Here are a few hints to keep you guessing:

• Trans fats - Never had'em, never will
• Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate - girls too
• Decadent flavanoids and pro-anthocyanidans
• Rise and shine
• Omega-3's a-go-go
• Home Baked goodness
• Get movin', kids
• Go organic, go, go organic!

Here's to being well in 2006!
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Tara, the RD
Food Matters

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