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Sep. 4, 2008
Ready, Set, Shower…
CLIF Bar people found out today that soon we'll introduce shower timers as part of our Eco Challenge efforts around water conservation. Exciting I know, but even more exciting are the colorful array of shower timers to choose from—did you know about all of the choices you have? If you didn't, then sit down because here are a few of my favorites:

Whether or not these guys resemble a favorite toy, I like them and the colors are catchy, don't ya think?

All you do is set the time—a beep will let you know that it's time to exit.

Say your favorite movie is the Wizard of Oz (or at least on your top 10) then you might consider this little guy:

The shower coach reminds me of poor dorothy up in the tower left alone with those scary flying monkeys and her time running out. Fortunately for you, this timer means a good thing when the last bit of sand slips through...
Find them both here.

Of course, if you simply can't be bothered with pressing buttons and setting timers, you could always install this automatic timer, affectionately called The Shower Manager:

For those of you who like lots of pressure, water pressure that is, don't shy away from this guy because of the lack of flow in the picture, I'm sure you can adjust and sometimes, small changes can take some to get used to and if you need reminding about why this is a good way to go, try their water savings calculator to see exactly what you're saving.

Last but certainly not least, you could just have a go at it and shorten your showers on your own. I don't think it would for me, so I'm gonna try the basic timer because the Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies.

Until next time...
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