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Aug. 1, 2012
Tour de France Recovery - then Prep for Utah and Colorado

Hello again everyone, it's great to be back home in Santa Rosa enjoying some much needed down time. It's taken 6 days of sitting on the couch for my post Tour de France energy level to go from "absolutely wrecked" to "fatigued". I came out of this year's Tour with a few souvenirs such as a cold (I wasn't lucky enough to catch bronchitis like a few of my teammates), an infected elbow wound due to a crash on the "tacks" stage in the Pyrenees and the standard severe muscle damage.

The Tour did not go well for Omega Pharma Quickstep as we lost Tony Martin to a broken scaphoid after a stage 1 crash. He battled and suffered to make it to the stage 9 time trial only to have a flat tire within the first 10km. We lost Sylvain Chavanel to the aforementioned bronchitis. As for myself, I just didn't have the legs. I used a lot of energy to stay safe in the first week which was worth it as the Tour only seems to get more dangerous every year. There were a lot of riders who were forced to abandon due to injury and I know what that's like, it's hurts more to exit the Tour than the actual injury. When it came to the mountains and the first time trial however I just didn't have the legs to stay with the best. Plan B is always to go in the breakaways and I made my way into one in the Alps and one in the Pyrenees. I kept my chin up in hopes of having a strong ride in one of the stages but it never went like I wanted. Looking back on my season I think I hit a flat spot after working hard to come back from being hit by that car in Pays Basque in April. I was on an upward swing through Tour of Switzerland but after that I was more fatigued than anything.

So now I'm taking as much rest as I need to get healthy and fresh again. I'm looking forward to defending my titles next month at the Tour of Utah and the US Pro Challenge in Colorado. We are very lucky to have all these big races in the US that draw some of the best teams and riders in the world. These two races are growing and becoming world class. I can't wait to see the fans again at both races.

On the home front I'm in charge of our dogs this week as Odessa is in Canada visiting her parents and attending a friend's wedding. Odessa usually takes care of all our 22 animals - yes 22. Since I'm so useless this week, and most weeks, another person comes twice a day to feed and take care of all the other animals.

Another thing – today I rode with Carlos Perez, the event director for Levi's Gran Fondo, and everything is set for the 4th edition to be yet again bigger and better this September 29th. I hope to see some of you there. Stay safe and check back in a couple weeks after the Tour of Utah.

Thanks for following along,


Next Crank Call being recorded today, so Eric and I will have it edited in the next couple days.
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