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Jul. 5, 2011
Ridin’ and Ramblin’ with Team Clif Bar’s Chris Benchetler and Kimmy Fasani
Can you feel it? Summer is finally upon us, and just in time for some outdoor fun in the sun. To inspire some epic adventures of your own, I thought it might be apropos to share a little bit about what some of the good people we work with here at Team Clif HQ get themselves into this time of year.

Have you ever wondered what professional snow sport athletes (who didn’t go south for the extended winter) find themselves doing to keep inspired? Well, if you’re Team Clif members Chris Benchetler and Kimmy Fasani, living the good life in Mammoth, you get on your bikes, pull out your rock shoes, and get after it in all sorts of fun ways.

These two, along with their community of friends and furry ones, seem to make the most of every minute of every day; rain, or shine. And below are a couple of “days in the life of “ as told by Chris, to get you thinking about what’s next on your tick list of adventurous to do’s Enjoy the read (and some great photos by Chris himself, as well as a few by Pep Fujas) and then get out there and meet some moments of your own!

Kimmy 1

It's no secret. Summer in Mammoth has as much, if not more, to offer than the winter. It's also no secret (if you follow my social networking shenanigans/blog) that I take full advantage of everything Mammoth has to offer.

Chris B 1

I have made it my sole focus to enjoy my fortunate situation, which means spending every day outdoors appreciating mother nature and the lifestyle I've created. Whether it's surfing, biking, climbing, running, or swimming, they all offer great cross training and inspiration for my main passion, skiing. Each sport compliments each other in a way that helps me feel strong, and live a healthy, active, enjoyable life. I couldn't live in a better place for it either. Take a trip to Mammoth sometime and see the beauty for yourself!

The Ride

Below are some words and images from a couple of days out amidst the elements in the last week or two.

Chris B 2

The road bikes were out in full force today. Pep Fujas and I set out to ride a century. I would love to say it was super mellow and we smashed it, but the reality is my neck and bum hurt real bad! I think it would have been a huge help if we trained a bit more, maybe a couple 50/ 60 mile warm up rides rides, but with the weather this nice and the delay on summer we decided to get amongst it.

Kimmy 2

Fortunately my better half Kimmy Fasani, who is nursing a sprained ankle, was willing to drive out half way and meet us with fresh fruit, food, and water. She even brought the bike and rallied a few miles with us. I'm pretty sure, well I'm actually positive we would have failed without her. The heat and lack of saddle time definitely took it out of us.

All that being said, our mission was accomplished. My mile meter read 100.6, and Pep's read 101.3 (he got a little more amongst it). Also, my stupid Blackberry was completely malfunctioning so I was unable to snap pics or update twitter along the ride. Fortunately Pep has an iPhone that takes glorious photos. Looks like it's time to invest...

Enjoy the pics! Thanks Kimmy and Pep. That was fun (I guess)...
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B Cole
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