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Jan. 21, 2010
Rockin’ and Rollin’

While we’ve been dodging urban waterfalls and navigating flooded sidewalks here in NorCal, Kenny Souza, Field Marketing Manager for San Diego/Arizona, has been running around and rocking out in the Arizona sunshine. Read on to check out his moves…

What could be more fun than running 26.2 miles with 29,865 of your best friends? It’s a trick question because the answer is NOTHING! The P.F. Chang’s Rock and Roll Arizona Marathon and Half-Marathon is the largest combined half and full in the world, and on January 17th nearly thirty thousand people showed why this event is so popular…a great course, a well run event, and of course—Arizona sunshine in the middle of winter.

Clif Bar & Company’s been coming here for 7 years to schmooze with the estimated 60,000 people that tramp through the two-day expo; this year we trotted out (ahem..) our latest and greatest: —bite-sized protein (portable, too!).

Most people recognized them as something new and the ones that hadn’t heard about them lined up eagerly to try them, and the Roks were flying!

An event this big draws big names…just take a look at this photo.

No, no, no… not Hope M., the one in the red shirt—the other person…
Olympic Gold Medalist Frank Shorter who stopped by the booth to say “Hi” before his presentation.

Congrats to everyone who ran. See ya next year!
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