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Sep. 14, 2006
Room with a view
room with a viewSometimes things are just out of our control. I've never been a very controlling person, I like to go with the flow, that's why, when they told me sustainability was moving, I was like cool, no biggie, where to? Little did I know our new space was going to be the talk of the town, the crème de la crème.

We really just moved over to the northwest side of the building (where We Be Bop used to live) right near accounting and finance. The way I see it, this means access to money, fast reimbursements and everything like that based strictly on proximity.

Besides that, I can throw things over the wall to Rich B., everybody's favorite Vice President of Finance. By the way, he starts to talk to himself every day at about 5:15 pm. But you didn't hear it from me.

In all seriousness, I think I've moved desk locations five or six times since I've worked here, so I'm used to this kind of thing. However, I feel that being this close to the window with a bird's-eye view of the unique Berkeley house across the street, this time I got real lucky. This was a good move.

Diana and I have been inspired by the streaming sunlight and foliage we now see every day. It's a good reminder that what we're doing over in sustainability might just be making a tiny difference.

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