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Apr. 18, 2007
Rough, tough and (not) synchronized
Synchro styleSo, if you've been reading this for a while, you may know that I'm a synchronized swimmer. After 4 Ironmans, a handful of ultras and a little jaunt across the Sahara desert, I've turned my attention to the power, strength and intensity of synchro for the past four years.

Like all sports, there's an element of risk. One woman on my team had a concussion, then, later in the same year, broke a toe. Both were a result of landing on someone after being thrown out of the water. On Sunday night, it was my turn to join the ranks of the wounded. My injury happened underwater.

I had just rolled upside-down, head pointed at the bottom of the pool with my legs out of the water. Along came a teammate (he was right-side up), eggbeatering like a waterpolo player. His shin hit my face, causing me to suddenly bite. My tooth decided to bury itself into my lip. Four hours later, I was sporting three stitches and a lacerated lip.

Now, for every Esther Williams, chin-strap bathing cap with flowers or sequins suits joke I hear, I can point to my synchro battle scar.

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