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May. 4, 2006
Roxie goes East
Folks of BioFuelAfter our stint at the Green Apple Festival, we headed off to Keene, NH. Andra left NYC a day early to represent LUNA at University of Connecticut which left me, Derin, to cruise from NYC to Keene all by myself.

Once we reunited in Keene,  we met up with Seth and Tyler—two of the coolest people you'll ever meet. They're the guys behind the Oil and Water project, a six-leg, world-wide journey promoting alternative energy. We hear they might even drop by the CLIF headquarters on their way down from Alaska to Chile.

We grabbed lunch and heard some of their wacky adventures from the road. Once, during a terrential down-pour, the electrical system for their veggie oil failed; in trying to fix it, Tyler fell off the top of the truck, flat on his back. Then, both of their cell phone broke. And just before that, they had two rear tire blowouts. Quite a day for these guys and all with smiles on their faces! They've kept an awesome blog of their journey with more stories that you can read. We also got to do a little "fuel sharing" in the parking lot of the Best Western!

Bio and Buggy!From Keene, NH we headed to Central Pennsylvania, where we got to spend a day in the countryside looking at covered bridges and such. We even got to see some Amish buggies rollin' down the street. Roxie really wanted to get her picture taken alongside this other "renewable" mode of transportation. 

From Pennsylvania, we jumped head first into three concerts, all within 24 hours—absolutely crazy I tell ya! Looks like Tuesday night we get to let it all loose and party with the band. Ah the perks!!!

Check out more photos at!
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