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Apr. 19, 2006
Roxie goes to NYC
attack of the guitarWe've got some down time in NYC for the next few days...although it really didn’t start out that way.
We got corrected on our driving etiquette pretty fast. For one, you better get off the line before the light turns green or the honking starts. The horn is a necessity. Brakes not so much; but a horn and a middle finger will get you a long way. Don’t worry, we didn’t pull out the middle finger but the horn might be a different story—we’ve got to protect Roxie you know.

So back to the story, parking a 20-foot long vehicle is a pain; we literally spent 5 hrs trying to find parking for it! So lets just say CLIF BAR got some true mobile marketing coverage in the Big Apple today. Tomorrow we’re going to get a day of tourist activity in and some good food in our bellies.

Check out the Guster Road Journal if you have time; they deep fried a CLIF BAR the other day—not recommended for mass production! Oh, and it sounds like my mom really misses us; turns out she emailed the band. How embarrassing mom! I miss you too!

And to all of you who love our dog, so do we. We want to take this time to give a little shout out to him—“Yes Whisper, you’re such a good boy, we miss you!” (all said in our special Whisper voice—only he would understand).

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