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Feb. 15, 2008
Save Our Snow 2008—Day 2: Park City Utah

Mike's back...with another update from the snow-covered mountain tops of Park City!

I always look forward to stopping at Park City. Such a fun resort with sick terrain and so many areas to ride. During our stop last year it was sunny and warm, with a major lack of snow. Lucky for us, this was not the case today.

Ben, Kevin and myself were the first people on the scene this snowy and blustery morning. With a giant parking lot covered in a few inches of fresh, our inner teenagers took over as we slid Marty all over the place. Being from the East Coast, I call this “doing donuts” while my girlfriend from the Midwest calls this “whipping cookies.”

Whatever you call it, we had a good time and it was a good experiment to see just how far Marty could be pushed around snowy corners. Ah yes, all in the name of research.

Anyhow, when the lift opened and the crowds drew in, the snow tapered off. It was one of those ideal days where people quit their jobs, ditch their spouses and disown their children, just to get out there.

Waist deep powder, you couldn’t help but laugh and holler like an idiot as you cruised through the tree runs. Ben and Kevin and I invented a game suitable for days like this. It’s called “Do a frontflip off nothing.” You just cruise along, lean forward, dig your nose in and try and pop all the way over, which never works but it’s hilarious and we found a great cat-track for flipping off of.

At then end of the day people came by to check out the RV and upon seeing our green jackets said “Hey, I saw you guys doing flips earlier today.”

This was by far my best trip to Park City, simply amazing.

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