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Feb. 19, 2008
Save Our Snow 2008—Day 3: Brighton, Utah

Words from the wise, from Mike and the SOS Road Trip—take a day off every now and then.

Now after a few hard working days at Powder Mountain and Park City, naturally you’d assume we need a day off.

And what better way to spend it then at Brighton.

This may be the best week all winter, we’re not going to waste it sleeping in, or going to the movie. Instead we called up Scott Stevens and his crew to go film some backcountry action here at one of Utah’s greatest ski areas. If you’ve never been to Brighton, you’ve got to check it out. The terrain is weird, open valleys, pillow lines, some neat little hike outs. There’s something different about Brighton and with that light Utah snow, it’s a must see.

Without a cloud in the sky and over 36 inches of fresh snow on the ground, we made our way up the Millicent lift and rode over to the cliff area between Preston Peak and Mt Millicent. This area is full of steep chutes, cliff drops and tree runs.

With the weather as perfect as it was, we spent the afternoon hiking around, building jumps and playing in the snow.

The perfect day off ever? Perhaps.

For more photos from the road, hop on over to

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