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Mar. 24, 2008
Save Our Snow 2008—Denver, Co: Campus Rail Jam
The SOS tour, live from the Campus Rail Jam.

Today the Cricket Wireless Campus Rail Jam made it's way to the DU campus and we were there to meet up with the event. I gotta say, these events are pretty fun to attend. We just hang out, chat with students and watch kids huck themselves down all kinds of weird rail set ups. Sometimes it's just a mess of skis and boards tumbling down and you'd swear someone just broke a rib, but every once in a while someone gets it just right and that's lots of fun to watch.

Our friend, a lover of vegetable oil travel and veteran of the "Wheels on Meals" tour of 2006, Isabelle Lalive was at the event, shredding the rails till the sun went down. After the rail jam we were low on grease, so our friend and local tour guide, Kathy, showed us around to some potential grease spots. She brought her two dogs along for the ride, who are excellent passengers and great at sniffing out clean grease.

We found a few spots and before we knew it we were full to the brim, 55 gallons of carbon-neutral fuel. At 30 miles per gallon we're not going to have to stop for another 1650 miles. Oh wait, we have to drive over the rockies, those monsters always kill our fuel economy. Maybe we'll pull a Dumb & Dumber and trade the van in, straight up, for a scooter. I hear you can get up to 100 miles per gallon on those hogs.
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