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Mar. 25, 2008
Save Our Snow 2008—Funnest Day ever
I declare this day to be the funnest day in the history of the SOS tour. Let me start with the night before...

We had a delicious dinner with Peter and the NorCal Clif Bar crew at a Mexican restaurant. We then hit the bars with the posse and finally retired to a spacious cabin with a hot tub on the porch. The previous night I had slept on the counter, in the RV with my feet in the sink. So these new accommodations were not just a step-up, but a magic-carpet-ride-to-the-top-of-the-mountain-up.

Well rested and ready for anything, we made our way to Sugar Bowl, set up the SOS tent and caught the morning rush of people on their way to the lifts. Now the snow here in Tahoe hasn't been especially great lately, so people were happy to ask, "So how do we save the snow?" and we, of course, were happy to answer, "It's simple, just choose organics when it comes time to shop." It's true, organic farming uses 30-50% less fossil fuels in the production of crops, when compared to conventional farming methods. It's mostly due to the lack of oil-based pesticides and herbicides that makes the difference.

By about noon, Scott and Roger awoke from the back of the RV and tried to guilt trip Ben and me with "Hey, why aren't we snowboarding yet?" Of course they knew it was because they'd been locked in their sleeping bags all morning, so we all had a laugh, put on our boots and hit the slopes.

The sun was shining and the snow was at that perfect spring softness, as we warmed up and eventually made our way through the mini park. Rails, boxes, jumps&#!51;this is where Scott and Roger lived. Ben and I took turns filming and jumping, and after a while we all had the park pretty dialed in. The four of us would make a train through the park following each other off jumps and over rainbow boxes. We assigned old school tricks that everyone would have to do off each jump, like Chicken Salads and double-pump Methods, to see who could reach the crazy old grabs.

It was one of the best days we'd had in a while so Scott and Roger, if you're reading this, thanks for coming along and making the trip that much better.

To cap everything off, back at the RV we had a visit from the first 100% Biodiesel Mercedes in California. This test vehicle had logged thousands of miles on B100 so it was great to meet the owner and talk about renewable energy.
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