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Apr. 17, 2008
Save Our Snow 2008—Mt. Hood Meadows
The last official stop on the SOS tour and a follow up to The Drive.

Meadows has been my home mountain for the past six years, so ending up here on the last day of the tour felt like a homecoming finale for me. It was great to be back at a mountain where i actually knew where i was going and how to get to some of the secret spots. With a posse of friends, we made our way up Mt Hood express, over to Hood River express and off into the private reserve. This is a chunk of the mountain where you hike along a ridge for a bit and then can choose to drop to your left, God's Wall, or to your right, Picnic Rock. Both these spots have perfectly spaced trees growing out of a perfectly steep slope. This is the spot where i first really learned to enjoy powder. I grew up on the east coast and though it might sound crazy, i didn't care much for powder days. My back leg always got so tired since the slopes weren't quite steep enough. Plus the trees are all so close together at those lower elevations. I always took powder days off, then got to the hill early in the morning the next day to ride fresh corduroy. My friends all thought i was crazy but to each his own. Yes, i was an unlikely candidate to end up the tour captain for the "Save Our Snow" program, but it's taught me so much...

Not only that riding powder is fun, but also that snow is like everything else in the world, temporary. Nothing lasts forever, but if you're like me and you've learned to love the stuff, then you'll agree—it's our responsibility to save the snow, so that future generations can enjoy it, as we have. If we all do our part, we can stretch it's lifespan for century's to come. Don't overwhelm yourself though, start simple.

Just eat organic and you can reduce carbon emissions, so that our grandkid's-grandkids can enjoy real snow instead of some digital representation.

Who knows, if we don't take action now we might all end up playing Nintendo Ski in 2050.
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Amy, Miss Web Gal
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