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Mar. 26, 2008
Save Our Snow 2008—Snoqualmie and Stevens Pass
Low and behold...more goodness from Mike and the Save Our Snow Road Trip. It's still winter in a lot of other parts of the country and the SOS crew is experiencing it in full force.

You know that feeling where you drive up to a ski area late at night, sleep in a comfortable bed in the back of your vegetable oil-powered motor home and then wake up, light a Java-Log in your wood-burning stove and cook breakfast on a cast iron skillet? No? Well, it's a great feeling and I highly recommend it.

This is the way we felt this Saturday morning. As the morning progressed, the sun came out and spring ski conditions covered the vast terrain of the Summit at Snoqualmie ski area. It was the kind of day where after a few runs you had to shed a layer, and then after a few more runs, shed another layer. We were more concerned with getting sunburned than inconvenienced by an avalanche, but that's where we went wrong.

Perhaps our efforts last year opened so many minds, that carbon emissions dropped as people became conscious of saving the snow. But let's face it, it's more likely just a simple case of global weirding.

Don't get me wrong, massive amounts of snow late in the season isn't really that odd for the Pacific Northwest; but this really caught us off guard. I mean, one minute we're packing up the RV in t-shirts and then the next minute we're stuck, dead-stop in traffic after an avalanche covered over I-90 west. Crazy! Our second avalanche over the road—what is going on here?!? After an hour hanging out in a street that became a parking lot, we were a bit hungry and reached for a couple mini Clif Bars. Then it hit us, these other travelers are probably getting hungry too, let's feed them! So Ben shot some photos as we made our way up and down the streams of parked cars, bringing sustenance and joy to all we encountered. Three hours later, the road was clear and we all made our way back to the concrete jungle known as Seattle.

Stevens Pass
Easter Sunday. It makes me think of being a kid, searching for colored eggs in the yard. Spring has sprung, the birds are chirping and the sun is... wait, not today. We're here at Stevens Pass where it's snowing an inch an hour in nearly white our conditions. Marty McFry is freezing his butt off, parked in the lot right near a 25-foot snowbank.

But hey, we love snow and we're here to encourage other folks who love it, to take action and reduce their carbon footprint, so let's get to work. Throughout the day, skiers and snowboarders stop by, on their way to the hill and we're able to show them how our RV runs on vegetable oil, give them a Clif Bar and talk a bit about what they can do, on a personal level. It's been interesting, over the past few years, to see biofuels get more and more press coverage.

Nowadays, there's more negative coverage in the battle of fuel vs. food. People are getting bits of info on the subject and today we had a couple stop by who were very interested in this debate. We assured them, there are smart ways for us to create biofuels without raising the cost of food, or neglecting starving communities elsewhere in the world. To grow biofuels you don't need to cut down rainforests or sacrifice vehicle performance. The fact is, we will soon eliminate the need to use corn or soy for fuel, and advances in cellulosic tissue and algae will make it so the price of a corn tortilla isn't as volatile as petroleum—all good things that help save our snow as we move away from an oil-based economy.

Enough with the nerd talk though, let's strap a board to our feet and go slide on some snow.

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