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Mar. 20, 2008
Save Our Snow 2008—Telluride, CO
Mike fills us in on some more adventures from the SOS Road Trip.

Telluride: Day 1

After an overnight drive from Denver, we rolled into Telluride groggy but excited. Neither Ben nor myself had ever been to the actual mountain before, and with such a legendary place as Telluride, you can't help being curious as to what the mountain has to offer.

Somewhere on I-70, our turbo had stopped working so we weren't very psyched when we found out that the actual "Mountain Village" is practically on the top of the mountain. Regardless of turbo boost, Marty McFry slowly powered his way up to the spot where we were set to park. There was a chill in the air but the sun was shining and around 9 am people started coming out of the woodwork. We had so many people stop by we were actually too busy to get out and ride! Although, we knew we had tomorrow to look forward to and figured we might as well save our energy.

Marty was truly the talk of the town today, people were extremely interested in how we collected and filtered the grease so at most times throughout the day, either Ben or myself were at the back of the RV giving them the lowdown.

Just as we started to pack up, Ben had an interesting conversation with a woman who was concerned about global warming. Things started off pretty normal, but the conversation quickly changed from fossil fuels to renewable energy and finally to aliens. What? Ben, pretty much looks like an alien, so i can see where she's coming from. However, her theory was that aliens were powering all their space ships on human's negative vibes. It was pretty far out, but then again when i first heard you could run a car on vegetable oil i was pretty reluctant to believe that was true.

I guess in the future we may all be driving around road-raging our way to a carbon-free society.

Telluride: Day 2

This morning we woke up to the unexpected sight of new snow.

Four to Six inches to be exact! I brushed off Marty while we warmed up the motor, and then made our way back up to the Mountain Village of Telluride. Today we actually had some time around lunch to get out and take a few runs. After a good nights rest, i was much more excited to strap into my bindings then i would have been the day before, safer too.

Safety first.

Anyhow, Ben and I took the quad up to about 12,000 feet. Short of breath, we took advantage of the new snowfall and explored the Prospect Bowl area. I couldn't help but be amazed with all of the snow we've come into contact with during the tour. Seems like every time we set out for a drive, it's through wind, ice, snow or hail. I figured by now people would get sick of hearing the "Save Our Snow" message, i mean when they have to shovel so much of it this year. But at Telluride, it was refreshing to hear people say, "Yeah, it's been an amazing season but that doesn't mean climate disruption isn't happening elsewhere."

That's the thing about the term "Global Warming," it doesn't mean it's just going to get consistently warmer every day all over the planet. The term "Climate Disruption" seems to embody the issue a bit better. Sure, we may be having a great winter in a lot of spots across the country, but that doesn't mean next year is going to be the same. Climate Disruption is going to dump snow in one spot while drought-out other places.

Another cool thing about Telluride is the steps they're taking to combat Climate Disruption. One of the town's buses, The Galloping Goose, is set up to run on 100% biodiesel.

So your town doesn't have a Galloping Goose? Well, voice your opinion and fight for renewable fuel. Who knows, maybe next year you'll be smelling french fries on the way to the hill too.
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