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Mar. 24, 2008
Save Our Snow 2008—The Crash
Well I hate to say it, but today disaster struck. On Speer road, in Denver I was in the right lane as a truck passed me on the left, I hugged the curb in an effort to give the big guy some room, but I guess I hugged a bit too close. The passengers-side wheel grazed the curb and caused the steering wheel to cut hard right. It ripped out of my hands and before we knew it we had popped up onto the empty sidewalk and into a concrete wall. Lucky for us, the motor wasn't affected since it is in the back, so we quickly grabbed up anything that had fallen off Marty and headed for a side street.

A few blocks later, we found a safe spot to pull over and inspect the damage. The headlight was smashed in, the blinker was gone, a window was broken and the fiberglass was pretty well chewed up. It was a major bummer but not enough to stop us. We took a deep breath and tried to remember that this is a "White Road Adventure" and with that comes bumps in the road, scrapes, bruises and the occasional smash up. With the help of some trusty duct tape (never leave home without it), we were able to patch things up to a point where we could at least drive. A few days later we'd be in the sanctuary of my parents home, in Durango Colorado and could work on it then.

Now, Ben and I don't have too much auto body work between the two of us, but I gotta say we took lemons and made lemonade, or however that saying goes. Three straight days of fiberglass, bondo and sanding, actually lots of sanding, and we were looking pretty good. We reapplied the SOS graphic and Voila! It was like we had never even crashed Marty. The old boy was back to his old self.

One thing I forgot to mention, on the way to Durango we drove through a wind storm that ripped a panel off the back right side of Marty! Man, we can't seem to catch a break, but as I said, White Road Adventure. We gotta roll with it and make do with what we can, after all, that panel is easy to replace and we won't have to bondo or sand it, which is really nice.
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