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Dec. 20, 2007
Save Our Snow goes Hollywood
I love the smell of veggie oil in the morning.

Reminds me of....the Save Our Snow Winter Road Trip. That's right it's almost that time of year again. The time when Mike and his trusted sidekick hit the road in a veggie fueled RV to share the global cooling love. Soon enough we'll be sharing pics and vids from the next road trip.

But until then, we’d thought we’d share the trailer to the Save Our Snow Winter Road Trip DVD—an entire 45-minute documentary showcasing the crazy adventures of the 2007 tour.

If you live in Northeren California and want to see the whole film, the Wild and Scenic Film Festival will be showing it on January 12, at 7:15pm

Take a look and keep your eyes peeled on this here blog for updates on where you can catch Mike and the S.O.S. crew.
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Amy, Miss Web Gal
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