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Mar. 10, 2009
Save Our Snow with an App
There's a lot to love about playing in the snow. From throwing ourselves down the steepest peaks of Lake Tahoe to sledding with a 4-year old. I mean, come on! What better way to spend a weekend in winter?

Which is why we decided to piggy back on the wonders of Apple to make the world snowier. The CLIF Bar Save Our Snow App is a smorgasbord of snow-inspired tools for the iPhone and the iTouch that let's you make the right choice about where you spend your winter weekends.

It has weather and snow-condition reports for your favorite resorts as well as information on what resorts are doing to fight global warming. It also has a feature we like to call the frost effect: blow into the microphone and the screen gets frosty. Drag your finger across the screen and voila, you’re drawing just like you do to your car window in the wee hours of the morning.

And even when winter has faded into those long hot summer months, you’ll still be able to freeze over your screen with a single breath of hot air. Look out Snow Miser.

Wanna get in on it?
Hop on over to the Apple store and download the free Save Our Snow application. Don’t have an iPhone or iTouch? Tell your friends! They’ll thank you. We promise.
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Amy, Miss Web Gal

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