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Apr. 28, 2006
Saving the planet, one bag at a time
This may be a little late for Earth Day but since everyday's Earth Day, this is a perfectly fitting, and timely, mention.
I think by now, most of us know the good principles behind recycling; we can all recycle our paper products, aluminum cans, but there are always a few things out there that just can't make it in a recycling bin.

Ecoist, a super cool company based out of Miami, however, has decided to put all of the junk that piles up in our landfills to use and make stylish, fashionable and functional objects out of the things most of us would throw away. They've got bags, clutches, belts, placemats, all sorts of items that give practical a whole new meaning.

LUNA's partnered with them to create a limited collection of clutches made from the misprinted LUNA wrappers. And if blue isn't your color, you could always go with the candy wrapper green or a barcode b&w. You can purchase the goods straight from their website without ever having to turn on your car—gosh, it keeps getting more environmentally friendly, doesn't it?

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