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Aug. 29, 2008
Saving water one flush at a time
Everyone's talkin' about water these days, as they should be! Some say water's our next oil. I say water is something we need to realize is precious, so therefore use it wisely.

Speaking of water, we launched our 2009 company-wide Eco Challenge August 1st and we're focusing on our water use. Our goal is to decrease our water use by 10%. I'm about to find out how we've done for August by reading our East Bay Mud water meter and you didn't think my job was exciting?!?

One of the fun parts about this challenge is the neato placards we made; they've been strategically placed throughout the office as little reminders for folks. Our resident jack-of-all-trades, Christopher S., came up with zany phrases to remind people what they need to do to save water. Check 'em out...

My favorite water smart tip is to fill up an empty milk gallon jug and put it into the tank of the toilet, voila—you have displaced a gallon of water thus saving water with each flush. Some say they've used a brick or the like, which you could try if you're adventurous. I was surprised how many folks have never heard of this. Of course, if you have a low flow toilet or you're getting a low flow toilet, then don't fret. No need to decide between the milk or the brick if you don't have to.

Now get to saving and thinking every day about how we can nurture this precious resource. Wish us luck on the Eco Challenge, too. I'll let in on a little secret—two words: shower timers.

That's all I'm gonna say now; we'll talk more later.
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