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May. 23, 2006
Say what?
Every week, I peruse the World Wide Web in search of mentions of CLIF BAR & Co. It’s nice to see what people have to say about us (like you don't Google your own name!). Recently, I came across a few posts that deserve honorable mention. If not for any other reason other than the mere act of thanking these writers.

  • A Tribute to the CLIF BAR made the whole office blush. This writer definitely has some creative juices flowing straight from her taste buds to her brain.

  • Vegan Lunch Box chronicles what a vegan-activist mom puts in her son’s lunch and all sorts of easy and fun vegan lunch ideas.

  • Open Letter to CLIF BAR—an oldie, but a goodie! This blogger decided to blame CLIF for getting rejected by a girl. I promise that if you read it, you'll gain a whole new perspective on the dating game.

As we find them, we'll share more witty/funny/flatering (or unflattering!) tidbits. If you have any adventures of your own, send us the links and we'll read (and maybe post) 'em!
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