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Jun. 12, 2007
Seeking a Sustainable Farm Bill
Here's a take-action nugget from Shauna, our stellar sustainable food systems manager. Shauna grew up on a rural farm in Saskatchewan; she knows what she's talking about so don't take what she says lightly...

Every five to seven years, our Congress passes a legislative bill, coined the Farm Bill, that makes some hefty decisions regarding our country's food and farm policy, affecting everything from food stamps to commodity payments to conservation programs.

And when I say 'hefty', we're talking about nearly $100 billion in funding allocated each year to various programs. Oftentimes these decisions are made with little public scrutiny … and for those of us who are interested in promoting sustainable agriculture—such as organic farming—and healthy food options—such as fruits and vegetables for everyone—there have been very few listening ears in Congress.

But we can change that this year—the 2007 Farm Bill is being debated right now and there is a lot at stake. The organizations listed below are just a few that are doing significant legwork to promote a more sustainable food and farming system—check them out and reach out to your Congressional representatives. Every call, letter, and office visit counts!!

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