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Jul. 25, 2005
Shuck You, Fava Beans!
This one is in honor of Geoff who listened to my many fava trials and tribulations. As lover of nearly all vegetables I have to say that the fava’s try my patience.

The arrival of these high maintenance veggies in our weekly organic veggie box delivery torments me. Certainly there are other veggies requiring attention but no matter how much a try to find the Zen in the fava, I cannot. Its not because of their taste, texture, or color. It’s not their nutrition content either – they are quite superior in nutrients.

It is the bean’s clear lack of simplicity! Did you know that not only do you have to shuck them (easy), but you also have to peel a layer of tightly wrapped skin from each little bean (not an easy task). I dislike peeling this layer off so much that I tried to eat it. This seems to be a viable option and more fiber anyway, but taste is so-so.

I really hate to discourage anyone from eating things that are green, but I have to be honest about my fava feelings. The pleasure to pay-off ratio just isn’t good enough with the green bean. It is like eating lobster – all that effort for such little meat.

Washing, peeling, and cooking other veggies but the pay-off seem higher. I have tried various distractions while peeling the favas. Breathing exercises, watching Oprah (I even caught episodes with Williams sisters & Lance and Sheryl), listening to tunes, talking on the phone, but it doesn’t seem to enhance the pay off.

So I am officially giving away my favas. When the glorious organic veggie box arrives at the office baring favas I slide them into an unknowing Clifian’s box who will hopefully enjoy each and every bean.
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Tara, the RD
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